Thespeedgamers Metroid Marathon!

Join Thespeedgamers as they battle the Space Pirates to help with the recent events in Japan!

Thespeedgamers will be hosting a Metroid marathon via live video feed in an effort to raise money for Civic Force. The marathon will begin on May 6th at 6 PM CST and will last 72 hours. TheSpeedGamer’s will be playing through the entire Metroid franchise while also interacting with the viewers. By donating to help the cause, you will have the opportunity to win one of several prizes that will be raffled off! You can watch the entire marathon on

Thespeedgamers ( are a gaming community who have collectively rasied over $265,000 for various charities throughout the past 3 years. They have hosted 22 marathons and have donated to help support many different causes, such as Autism, Breast Cancer, and Diabetes. By playing through different video game series such as Mario, MegaMan, Final Fantasy, and more, they have made gaming a way to help thousands of people around the world!

Join in on the action at! If you would like to become part of Thespeedgamer community yourself, join the forums at


A few thoughts that constantly run through my head each day:

How am I supposed to feel

Why can’t I be normal

Stay motivated


I need tea

Where are my keys

Oh god the dog is inside

I wish I could be less stressed

I need a Job

Day 05 - Write about your crush

Well there are two.

  1. She’s funny, has a horribly funny sense of humor and she’s been my friend for 3 years.  I know I’ll never have the opportunity to be with her but it’s just as nice to have her as a friend.  She’s beautiful and always has something nice to say.
  2. I just recently started talking to her and she’s really nice and we are a lot alike, I’d like to get to know her better but she seems really cool

Day 1!?(15 interesting facts)

  1. I give all music a chance. You can’t hate what you don’t know!
  2. Chicken and Pizza are my two absolute favorite foods!
  3. I’m both the nicest and worst person you’ll ever meet.
  4. Nothing is sacred to me, I will make a joke about it if it exists.
  5. Computers are my passion, I love coding and scripting<3.
  6. I hate being alone because it reminds me of my childhood :/
  7. I’m very shallow when it comes to first impressions.
  8. I don’t like going out anywhere if I don’t think I look good.
  9. I’m very materialistic.
  10. My religion is apathy, god may exist and he may not..I could care less.
  11. I know what love is, and I don’t want it.
  12. I crave attention, it’s a curse
  13. I curse a lot!
  14. I drink so much sweet tea it’s crazy, at least 3 gallons a week.
  15. I love sports! College Football and baseball are the best!


I’m gonna do it :)

I found a zillion different types, so i’m doing this one :

Day 01 - 15 interesting facts about yourself
Day 02 - The meaning behind your Tumblr name
Day 03 - What did you eat today?
Day 04 - Someone that’s not in your state or country
Day 05 - Write about your crush
Day 06 - Favorite superhero and why
Day 07 - What you wore today (in great detail)
Day 08 - Places you want to visit
Day 09 - Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 10 - Songs you listen to when you are: Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Day 11 - Something you love about yourself
Day 12 - 8 ways to win your heart
Day 13 - EVERYTHING I would find in your bag
Day 14 - Write about your dreams and goals
Day 15 - Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
Day 16 - Five people who mean a lot to you (no order whatsoever)
Day 17 - EVERYTHING you like
Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19 - Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20 - Locked text messages in your phone
Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22 - A song that makes you laugh
Day 23 - Something you crave for a lot
Day 24 - Photo your favorite films
Day 25 - Your week in great detail
Day 26 - ALL of your pets
Day 27 - One thing you love that is not a person
Day 28 - Something that makes you cry
Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30 - Who you are